Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August in Review...

August.  our end to summer.  our beginning to back-to-school, back-to-routine.  our end of lazy summer mornings, days full of toys & swimming & movies & naps.  I have loved our empty-scedule, full of tantrums & tears, lots of 'funny jokes' & wrestling matches.  We have spent more time with our neighbors, friends & feel more connected in our life to others than we have in several years.  August marked 2 years since we moved from Charlotte. wow.

My.James.  he is puzzle-loving-crazy.  I so enjoy watching him working.  It makes me feel such a unique sense of pride in seeing a passion that we share.  I bought this 200 piece puzzle as a Christmas gift for him, but I didn't realize it was recommended ages 6 and up.

Fortunately, it came with a puzzle sized poster, so we completed it by matching up the pieces.  Then, he could complete it  I am still amazed.

We celebrated birthdays.

Read bedtime stories as super heros.

We built lego towers up to the ceiling.

We were lucky enough to spend a weekend with family & got all the grand kiddos on the Lyon side together for a group photo.  8, 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 7 months, & 3 weeks old.  11 kids, 8 years & under.

James learned to swim.  We finally got him to try out wearing goggles to see under water, and that was pretty much all it took.  He already had a strong kick, and he's getting better at his reach & pull with his arms.  Matt has been awesome about working with James, and I have tried to do the same.  It is so much fun to see him swim!!

I had the best coffee date with the lovely Clara, the beloved former-student-of-mine who became best-loved-baby-sitter for my sweet nieces.  What a lovely gift she is!

These baby toes bathed in sunlight made my list of 1000 gifts in August.

This sweet baby face.

My.three.sons all piled into Calvin's crib.  They love going to get him up from his naps.  I hope he always feels this joyous love from his brothers.

Our boys started pre-school!  James started VPK this year & Hayden is doing a K-3 program.  Calvin gets to stay with momma (yay), and we were all super excited for all that school brings.

Haydie-bug has been so good for preschool.  A little indecisive about whether or not he likes going.  He changes his mind from minute to minute some days!  Today for example, he was not super excited to say goodbye, but wanted to go back to preschool after I picked him up!  He's such a sweetheart.

James was nothing.but.happy.  He couldn't wait to be done with the picture I took of him so he could go play & be with his friends.

My lunch table.for.two was very quiet. and adorable.

Calvin was ready to put on his shoes and go get his brothers.  Seriously, this boy is ready to be big.  (he's actually trying to put on his own shoes!)

Having two mornings with just Hayden & Calvin is fun.  It is fun to see more of their preferences & their sweet goofiness.  Hayden had to tickle little calvy, just like momma was doing.

We are growing so fond of our neighbors, the Grastons!

I found a new appreciation for fiction on loan from a lovely new friend.  Cannot wait to share more life together & share more great reads.

I love how our life feels like this photo of Hayden & Calvin.  Some days I'm in the driver's seat: giant smile on my face, with a sweet squeal of joy.  Some days I feel more like the passenger: hiding behind the windshield, peeking out from behind the wipers going full blast, ducking out of the way of whatever may be flying towards my face.

Calvin, Mr. 16 months old, wanted to sit up in Hayden's booster chair for lunch.  Calvin's first lunch at the table, table for 3.

August.  I got brave enough to cut my boys' hair for the first time.  They all needed a trim, and I decided, if I needed to take them anyway, then I could play around & see how I could do.  I did alright actually!  It is amazing how much courage it takes to do something intimidating, no matter what it is.

Hayden was first up.  because he was awake.  and luckily, he had a great shape to his hair already that I could just trim up.  boosted my confidence. (ps. he's just stinking cute. those brown eyes & sandy strawberry hair)

my littlest little was the quickest trim.  He was a tough customer to sit still! but he did great & didn't protest.

James. my challenge. his hair was getting so long & it is so thick.  he cried because of the hairs 'hurting him' and we had to take a pool break for him to feel some relief.  Luckily, his hair still turned out ok, and he can make it a few more week before a proper hair cut. the picture was the before, with the least amount of frown.

To end our August, we went to the zoo.  James wore his batman t shirt because he thought the animals would like it.  Our boys loved it.  It is hard to have a bad time at the zoo.

A favorite that we almost never do: the splash pad at the zoo.  I love going in the cooler weather, so we usually skip because of the temps.  Not this day, high of 92 yiikes!  The boys needed that cool down for sure.

We went for the new tiger exhibit, which is really an impressive construction as well as all the viewing areas for the tigers.  They have 4 I think, and they are beautiful.  Watch them train the tiger, serious.  just so cool.

Farewell August 2014, what a hot, hot hot mess.  We laughed, we cried, some of us peed in our pants.  We are grateful for what we've been given.  Thank you Lord.


  1. Hahha!! Your commentary of the month, was hilarious! :) Great post.

    1. thanks so much! I appreciate your comment, my one faithful commenter! :-) love ya.