Thursday, October 11, 2012

our (new) normal

These days our buddy Hayden is settling in & loves his snuggles with Daddy.

We are making new friends.

We are swimming.

We are learning to play with our friends, not just in circles around each other.

Still loving our pillow forts & hanging out in big boy undies.

My boys are already big fans of helping mommy do the laundry (now that we don't have a scary basement anymore).

We are loving being back at our church, Oakleaf Christain Fellowship.  Such a sweet homecoming.

 We are watching the rainstorms roll in everyday, as they do in FL all through September.

James finally got a haircut - much needed - and is looking so clean.cut. these days.  My cutie pie.

Little fella is using his left hand more often than his right lately - we may have a lefty!

We are settling in - getting used to our (new) normal as of late.

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