Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jacksonville Zoo

(couldn't help but continue to pretend that is Fall - until I got too hot)  FL October so far is still goin' strong over 80 degrees...  enough about that. ;-)

Jacksonville Zoo, we will be seeing a lot of you.  It was so nice to go to the zoo with Grammy&Papa and spend the day together.  Starting off with the sting ray bay & trying to keep my boy from jumping in.  ;-)

best seat in the house.

"I see it with my eyes daddy?"

only a little.bit.obsessed with the train.

"I have some ice cream daddy?  I choose chocolate."

Hayden got lots of snuggles from Grammy during this trip.

Maybe best of the day: penguin window for the kids.  Check out how they just look the boys right in the eye!  so cool.

Feeding Mr. Giraffe, or Gerald as we like to call him (Giraffes can't dance).

Watching the monkeys play while playing like monkey on their own version of ropes.  cute&brilliant.

Thank Dad for taking all the pics.  Here is one shot of Papa wresting with the boys- total free for all!  We had so much fun & loving having the chance to do these kinds of things together now that we are close.

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