Thursday, October 11, 2012

FL Fall y'all

Ah, Fall.  Leaves & crisp air.  scratch that, it's 90 degrees! haha. ;-)  We are having 'Fall withdrawl' from our past few years in NC and the beautiful mountains & colors & farmers markets.  SO, we sought out something to make us feel like Fall, even if only pretending.

Sweetfields Farm.  Brooksville, FL.  Mimi&Grandpa.  check them out Sweetfield Farms

Pig races.  Peanut, Butter, & Jelly competed in a best of 3 race.  Jelly was my fav. ;-)

Hayride with Grandpa.  Cheese!  worth leaving the mountains for a while.  ;-)

Live Oaks & Spanish Moss & Pumpkin Patch.  Totally Florida.

We held hands & walked together.  We saw goats on the roof (see below).  I had my hamburger stolen by a chicken (seriously? yes.)  Loved our day.  Good ole country livin'.  FL Fall, we'll get used to you. Won't be too tough.

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