Friday, January 7, 2011

Merry Christmas James

We went to Florida for Christmas, and we got sick.  Poor James and me.  My parents, my mother-in-law, my brother-in-law, Matt's sister-in-law.  Poor them!  But, we had a Merry Christmas anyways.  Special in its own way (hopefully not to be repeated!).

Here is James sitting in his Daddy's lap on the floor watching Robin Hood for the first time.  He got it for Christmas from his Grammie and Papa- poor sick baby.  He isn't the type of boy to normally sit around during the day.  We were able to celebrate Christmas Eve with my parents- we had a really great time despite our little buddy not quite up to speed.

Christmas Morning at Matt's parents.  This was about all the excitement that we got.  Our little man just wasn't feeling like himself.  Normally, all his photos have his mouth wide open! haha, poor little boy.

Our sweet little man.

This was basically the moment that I was really starting to feel sick.  I'm pretty sure you can see it all over my face. :-(  But, hey, our Christmas plaid looked too cute not to take a picture.  My boys sure do look sweet.  We were visiting Matt's brother Mike and his wife Natassja who was too pregnant to travel on Christmas- so we went to them.  Their front porch was pretty picturesque; check out that cheeser face James is making. :-)

One little smile from our buddy on Christmas.  Check out all those teeth!! 

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