Friday, January 7, 2011

Giddy up little cowboy, and meet your new cousin!!

December 30th was a big day for us.  Our big plan for the day was to do something fun since we were all finally over the stomach flu!!  We thought it would be great to take James out to see his Mimi's horses and become a real cowboy.

Check out the legit cowboy hat. haha- we tried to get him to wear it on the horse, but no dice.

In the middle of our little horse back ride, Mimi got the phone call that Natassja was in labor!!  So we of course hustled back to the house to get packed up and down to Tampa to be there when little Jack Prose was born!!

We were lucky enough to be in the state, and we were even luckier that my parents were available to watch James for us- feed him and put him to bed!!  That was the first time that his mommy hasn't put him to bed.  But, it was for a very good reason- we got to be at the hospital and see little Jack after he was born.

Jack Michael Prose - Dec. 30th 2010. 9:53 pm. 8 pds 4 oz and 21 1/4 in long.  Such a little cutie with his blond hair!!

We took James back on New Year's Eve to meet his cousin Jack.  He reached out for him right away!  Definitely gonna be buddies one day.

Congrats to the new Mommy and Daddy!  That definitely was the best way to end 2010. :-)

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