Friday, January 7, 2011

better late that never??

Needless to say, these next few posts have been a long time coming!  Apparently I just didn't remember to upload any photos, and therefore, no blogs.  But, my motivation to finish 2010 so that I can print my blog through December is kicking in.  I'd really like to get it done asap, especially with James' 1st birthday coming up next week!!

ps. where has the time gone? My little man is going to be 1!!

December started off with some VERY cold weather- so in order to go out walking with our friends Rebekah and Addison, we had to bundle up!!  Of course, James is a Prose boy, so all the little girls try to hold his hand.  Truth be told he tried to hold hers too! haha.

Thanks go to his Papa for the Carhart Hoodie and Camo fleece hat.  If you were worried about hunter's safety, we could reverse this hat to 'blaze orange.'  Yes sir.

My friend Kelly and I are throwing a birthday party for James and Anna Kate together.  They are only 11 days apart and have spent their whole first year together, and we share all the same friends!  So, it made good sense to us to have a friend party for them together and do our family parties separate.  We were at Walgreens getting their party invitations printed, and they had this little Santa chair set up.  We had to plop them in the chair together and get a few pictures. :-)

Mrs. Kelly did a good job getting them to smile with the big stuffed Rudolph.  My boy loved the red nosed reindeer. haha.

Can't believe she's already one and James will be soon!

One more fun, random photo to share.  I was blessed to be able to get together with some of my 'middle school' friends from Orangeburg.  Ah, yes. O'burg.  We have all grown up, but seriously, in our own eyes we haven't changed much.  I wish I had a picture to put up as a comparison, but sadly I don't have any idea where one would be (or not sadly?? haha).  Anyway, I love you guys.  Thanks for driving to meet me, Matt, and James.

Me, William and Jennifer. :-)

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