Friday, July 31, 2015


Oh my May.  You seem so long ago already, and I'm amazed how full a short time can be.  We finished up the boys' first soccer season at the beginning of May with their last games and end of season awards.  Hayden's game was first, and he did amazing!  Scored a goal & didn't lose his temper.  He even got the award for the 'biggest power kick!'.  We are so proud of him.  You were so much fun to watch my boy!

James' game was second, and he scored his first goal!!  The last goal of the game, amazing!  He really made amazing progress and played really hard all season.  He even was awarded the 'sportsmanship' award of the 'shark eyes' because of being the most encouraging player to his teammates.  Wow, we were so proud.  James was awarded 'best throw ins' and his team got special medals as well.  Great job James!  We had so much fun watching you play.

Beach season starts early in FL, and even when the water was still a little cold for swimming, we enjoy going to the beach.  Our boys never have trouble finding something to do or play at the beach.  They all absolutely love it.  It's one of our family's favorite places.

I guess the water wasn't that cold!

We had the privilege of attending the Homecoming service for my father-in-law at a church he served in Keystone for years.  It was lovely to see many familiar faces and for our boys to get to meet many of those friends.  The boys always love getting a chance to see their Grandparents!

Our typical afternoon play.

Our Calvin went in for his 2 year old appointment.  He weighed 31 lbs and was 37 inches tall!  Such a big boy and growing up so fast.

We had some really beautiful lilies this year in our yard, and I couldn't help but stop and take a picture of each one.  They only lasted a day or two before they wilted, but each plant ended up with several blooms

My sweet Hayden & his Mother's Day party at school!

I love these 'surveys' and how sweet Hayden was!

My buddy James & his Mother's Day party!  He even drew a portrait of me, which I just adore.  It is funny; I let him pick out my dress for the party, and it matched what he drew!

We were able to meet up with the Proses for Grandpa's birthday & celebrate with some fishing & fun!  The boys had a great time, but ended the weekend getting sick & spiking fevers.  It was a sweet but rough weekend!

Fish caught by James was so excited!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!  Your grandsons all love you very much.

Our sweet family of 5.

My Mother's Day view.  I love beautiful flowers & a sweet read.  My gift to my Mom was this book so that we could read it together.  and coffee- gotta love a hot cup of coffee with a little peace and quiet during nap time.

This kiddo fell asleep one morning while mommy was doing some school work.  He just couldn't wait till nap time!  I couldn't resist snapping some pictures of his sweet face.  love those lashes & lips.

James was playing peek-a-boo with me on a short trip in town.  Love his joyful imagination.

I was able to get away for the day to spend up at St. Simon's Island with the women's group from our lovely church.  It was awesome to spend some time in good conversation, soak in the beauty of the place around me, savor the quiet time to read & pray & write, and spending time in prayer for one another was a blessing.  I'm so thankful my hubs was able to keep our boys for the day so I could go!

This was the Bible verse of the month at preschool, and James was able to recite this when I asked him what we should write for our new board.  I was so encouraged and proud of his memory!

James learned was symmetry was at preschool, so he was practicing it with his tower.

The big boys had swimming lessons with their teacher Coach Sally, and they did great!  They made some great strides, and have continued to improve this summer.  We are so glad we had lessons early in the summer.

The boys & their buddies having an ice cream party at the end of the school year!

Our boys really wanted to go fishing again, so we were lucky to head out on our neighbor's dock to do a little fishing on Memorial Day weekend while Daddy was on call.  These are some sweet little fishermen.

These boys crack me up sometimes- they decided they didn't want to sleep with shirts on.  I can't help but just love their silly sweetness.

Hayden's last day of school!  It was hard to say goodbye for me, because the boys had some great experiences this past year.  But as time marches on & we all must move forward in the march, I have tried not to dwell on the sadness of the leaving.  We can count the blessing of what has been & be brave to go into the next.

Hayden's first & last day of the Rainbow class.

James' VPK graduation!  What a big, tall guy he has become this year.  He was so excited to go & celebrate.  It was a sweet day.

James & his sweet teachers.  They have been so wonderful this year, and we are looking forward to Hayden spending a year with them as well!

We were able to take a family picture & the boys got together with Mimi to snap a picture as well.  I'm so glad we could all be together.

James' first & last days of VPK!

We ended our month of May with an outdoor service at our church property.  It was a beautiful morning & we love our church family so much.  We are gearing up to build a church building on our property- would you consider making a donation to help us get started?  Here is a link.

Thank you Lord for this merry month of May.  For all it brought in special memories for our boys & seeing them grow & learn & thrive.  Thank you for endings although they feel sad or hard or painful to say goodbye.  Thank you for what has been given & let us dwell in that.  Amen.

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