Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Calvin is 2!!

My sweet little guy, my Calvin Dean.  I couldn't believe I was tucking in my 1.year.old & would be waking up with a 2.year.old.  I am so grateful for him in our family & couldn't imagine our life without him!

We were so excited to have some of our extended family come up & spend the night on Calvin's actual birthday (the night before his party).  We were able to sing & have ice cream cake, open gifts from Mimi&Grandpa and also Uncle Mike & Aunt Natassja early.  It was so nice to enjoy that extra time together, and Calvin had a blast being the birthday boy.

We gave him his gifts from us before our company arrived, so Jack got to join in on the 'new toy' fun with our boys!

The best part of their play was 'flying' the planes around&around&around the house chasing after each other.  Calvin's favorite part was announcing he was back, "ta da!"

We all got to watch James & Hayden play in soccer games that Saturday morning before the party in the afternoon.  It was so much fun to cheer for them, and they both did great.

The boys taking a 'selfie' with Mimi - hilarious!

It was party time!  Calvin asked for a 'Dusty' party, so that is what he got!  We used checkered flags, tissue paper clouds, and a little pop up tent for they to pretend to fly in Dusty.  What a blast!

Aviator sunglasses are perfect for an airplane party!

I loved seeing my little fly boy enjoy his party!  He loves Dusty & got such a big kick out of everything!

Happy 2nd birthday my sweet boy!!

We had special party guests this time, the Webbs!  James & AK have been buddies since they were born, and it was so much fun seeing them together.  James may or may not be convinced he will marry her one day! haha!  Calvin & Ansley were just about the same size, and it was great to have another 2 year old at his party.  Love our dear friends!

Calvin's buddy Truitt has been at both of his parties, and I hope they continue to be good buddies!

The boy Prose cousins!  Love these sweet little guys (and their silly faces) so much.

James & his buddies.  Not pictured: Hayden & Fletcher & Jack!

Grammy&Papa were able to drive down & make it in perfect time for the party!  We were so lucky they could stay the night and we waited to open their gifts till later when the party excitement had died down.  It was so nice to enjoy opening the gifts with each giver.  The best part of giving a gift sometimes is seeing it received!  Thanks for coming down - we love you!!

Calvin, we just love you to pieces.  Your brothers & you enjoy each other's company in a way that just warms my heart.  You have the sweetest little voice & my favorite was your precious 'Tank you". Your big brown eyes & dimples & cheeks.  Your fiery temper & all the time outs you've already had for throwing fits.  Your quick forgiveness & hugs.  You are just a joy - despite the random wakings are night & any temper that you've inherited.  You bring joy.  Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift. We love him so!!

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