Friday, February 6, 2015


Welcome 2015.  I know this blog post is a little belated, but nevertheless, Happy New Year!  January is always filled so full of joyful celebrations for us.  Our nephew turned 4, our son James turned 5, we celebrated the new year and enjoyed the post-holiday-return-to-normalcy.

One of our traditions is the mark the boys' height on the wall in our kitchen.  We just started last January, so I had been looking forward to this for a whole year!  It is amazing to see how much they have grown, tons!! Especially Calvin! wow, little guys just growing in leaps and bounds.

We took our boys to ride the carrousel in St. Augustine.  On those days when we just need to leave the house, we drive down, let the kids watch a movie and grab a coffee.  They play at the park, absolutely love the carrousel, and enjoy the fresh air.

You may not have guessed, but the boy who loves the carrousel ride the most: Calvin!  Yes, that boy ran back to ride again&again.  He of course also got mad and threw a fit when we had to leave.  Oh the early.terrible.twos.  Hayden had those!  I think it is big brother induced...

I never photographed the ornament I made for Christmas 2014.  It was a star.  I thought it was a simple project, but the shape turned out to be difficult to perfect.  haha, so much for the 'easy' way.  But I was glad to make something as a keepsake.

Calvin has been going 'swimming' in his bath lately because he's been going to bed early!  He dropped his morning nap, so now he barely makes it to bedtime.  He was so funny to watch as he enjoyed the tub all to himself!

The boys got training-wheel bikes for Christmas and are not going on rides around the block.  They are really amazing to watch and a little scary!  I am thankful daddy has taken 'bike rides' for the boys, because it makes mommy a little anxious!

Grammy&Papa surprised us with a set of new jammies!  The boys loved them, and the box they came it almost as much.  These are the sweetest.  Thank you!

We got to go down for the day to celebrate our nephew Jack's birthday, and spent some time playing with our new nephew Max as well!  The boys just adore 'baby Max'!

Jack got a new bike at his party!  So we packed our bikes and they all got to ride together.  I can't imagine they'll have too many opportunities to do that, so it was worth the effort!

Mimi helping the boys fly their airplanes.

Our January had lots of simple, sweet moments.  The ones worth photographing and remembering when our  boys are grown up.

The boys loved the s'mores and celebrating Zara's birthday!  It was pirates, fairies, and peter pan.  Of course these guys loved getting dressed up and had a blast.

Tinker Bell and Peter Pan were there!  They played following the leader, the leader, the leader.  Following the leader where ever he may go...

We rebuilt Batman city for the boys to play.  It has moved up to James room to play and now includes all the 'snack' city buildings I had bought for the party.  We have quite the bustling metropolis now!

Calvin had his 18 month check up at 21 months, because I forgot.  But he did great, was a trooper and ahead of the game in his stats.  He was 29 lbs and 35 inches approximately.  I looked it up, and both of his brothers were just about the same size.  It amazes me that they all grew so very similarly!

Stomp Rockest in the driveway while mommy cooked dinner.  Some evenings during those hours of chaos before bedtime, it all falls together for those few minutes (or 30 seconds) when no one is fighting or crying or injured or throwing a tantrum.  The view is so beautiful in those minutes.

I took my little guys on runs to the playground lately, and they have loved the time out.  They are so good when we go out in the stroller, and they get excited to go if we make the playground a stop on our running trail. ;-)

The boys have loved having little fire-pit-s'mores-nights in the cool weather.  You cannot get a whole lot better than marshmellows & chocolate & graham crackers.

These buddies enjoying our new window seat.  more everyday.

"paging Dr. Hayden".  He was so proud of his project from school.  He couldn't wait to show daddy!  His Dr. bag opened up and had all kinds of tools inside.  We all had check ups.  So fun!  Calvin has learned the drill of picture taking and waving good bye while sitting on the front porch; he now does it all by himself sometimes.  What else can I do but snap his picture? ;-)  Sweet little guy says 'Mickey' now, so we splurged with a Mickey balloon at the grocery store that day.

The two batmen at dinner.  These.two. are becoming really sweet. friends.  Two mornings a week just the two of them is forging a special bond.  'Ay-en' is just about the first words out of Calvin's mouth some mornings.  I love hearing him call his brothers' names!  Just precious sounds.

Super hero-Star wars extravaganza.  I love it when he becomes dedicated to his play sometimes.  This big.little of mine is an organizer.  I love to watch him work.

Run, run, run, as fast as you can.  The FL winter is so beautiful.

Playing with their pup in the window.

Reflecting over 2014 and the hope that is budding in 2015.

We ended the month with a trip to see a beautiful wooden boat, sail & masts & all.

My sweet guys on the deck of the ship.  So many memories of this January.  The daily

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