Friday, February 27, 2015

I am thankful for coffee.

     I have been keeping my list of the 1000 gifts + more that the Lord gives all around me - all the time.  Recently, I noticed that I have named coffee, surprisingly often.

7. cup of coffee & a quiet moment
68. cup of coffee & baby nap
78. new mornings & cup of coffee
178. coffee, James, Bible, daily devo, Thomas (the train) & journal 
= Hayden's nap time
226. sugar falling into my coffee cup
264. Gift sipped: cup of hot coffee (had to be right??)
302. Gift half: half&half in my coffee
326. strong cup of coffee
390. coffee & movie play date with my boys - nap time & a dirty house ;-)
402. coffee brewing & new FRESH GRACE
420. hot coffee for cold hands
445. Wednesday morning coffee at Carrie's
477. coffee & baby playtime
478. baby napping, boys playing, hot coffee, good read, encouraging tunes, 
grateful heart. 
499. hot cup of coffee & rolling the scripture around in my mind
(I've stopped at 500, haha!)

OK, point made.  None of these were recent, within the last 3 years.  I enjoyed looking back to the beginning of my journal as I close it out.

So: am I really thankful for coffee?  Yes & no.  I am definitely thankful for coffee.  However, I am more thankful for the quietness, the break, the little boost to the brain, the turning of my attention and affections to the Lord.  I am thankful of the pause, the prayers, the comfort given by the Lord from the coffee & from his goodness.  

I feel silly for saying thanks so often for 'coffee'.  It is almost embarrassing that this high-repetition item on my thankfulness list is so relatively unimportant.  Of course there are many more important things in my life to be thankful for, but I am grateful for the slowing down of the body and the revving up of the mind & heart that occurs in my coffee break.

Thank you Lord for the coffee.  But thank you for YOU.  Thank you for drawing me to you, no matter how simple or ordinary the invitation may appear to some.  In truth, it is nothing less than a beautiful beckoning if I name the gift.  Amen.

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