Friday, August 16, 2013

a little (a lot) of our Cal

Warning: many pictures of my cutie Cal about to flood the feed...

So I can't help it.  My sweet 3 month old baby boy letting us see his personality & showing off all kinds of new tricks.

Sleeping through the night!!  Rock star status = bedtime 7/7:30 pm - 5:30/6 am with another stretch of sleep till 7:30... (this is not typical, I'm just a happy momma).  He's done this now maybe half a dozen times, and I'll take it!! every time.  ;-)

I had no idea he had such a silly, cute, pointy tongue!  It makes me laugh&laugh.

We said good bye to our baby swing & have moved up to the jumpy, bouncy, thingy.  So far, he sits with his bear & bunny as his back support, but he does love the piano keys & lights already.  He's getting the hang of it at 3.5 months!

He has been having so much fun on his play mat & really starting to scoot, reach, grab, turn, & roll.

a reach... & a grab!

Sitting up in the bumbo with his nervous nelly of a momma making sure his heavy little noggin doesn't overpower his neck, haha.

making it up to 90 degrees while on his tummy!

My favorite: the toe grab!!  I can't get enough of this phase, I just love love it.  and the sucking on fingers, its precious.

Fighting to get that roll from back to belly... this series doesn't capture it, but the very next day he made it when I was changing his sheets in this crib!  Amazing to see it become so simple to him in only a few days.

And another Fav: thumb sucking!  haha, neither of his brothers did this (much) but loved their pacis.  Jury is still out on whether or not the thumb will actually soothe for sleep, but for now, I'm enjoying watching him suck his thumb - its just so cute.

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