Monday, May 9, 2011

28 Weeks - Happy Mother's Day!!

Well, I'm 28 weeks today, and Hello..... Third Trimester!!  It seems kinda crazy that these weeks are adding up so quickly, but I can say that I definitely feel like the end is drawing nearer.  Losing my breath, running our of steam, feeling so MANY KICKS all day and night, and just having such a tight, big belly!  Our little fella, Mr. Hayden Matthew Prose, is responsible for all this, but he's worth it. :-)

My sweet husband got behind the camera on Sunday to take some pictures for Mother's day.  I, of course, have to put up one old picture for nostalgia of my first Mother's Day last year, but I will close with that one.  James is coming up on his 16 month mark, and his is learning more and more everyday.  Such a little character in the making.

He is so sweet holding Mommy's hand.

I love the little feet- and Matt even painted my toenails for me. :-)

Our little teething buddy.  How can I tell?? haha

Does this mean I have to share my slide with Hayden??

My sweet little baby boy.  I love being your mom.

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