Friday, February 11, 2011

Uncle John's birthday

This is the second year in a row that James has gotten to celebrate his Uncle John's birthday.  February 2010 was basically our first trip out with James- and we drove to Tennessee. haha!  Our 3 week old little fella and a fun little car ride.  We weren't sure if we would make it or not, so we decided not to tell Matt's family that we were planning to come- we wanted to be able to turn around if we got 30 min down the road and needed to!  But, luckily, we made it.  Wow, its so amazing to think of what we were doing last year at this time with James.  Check us out.

Happy 26th Uncle John- from James, 3 weeks old.

Our first meal out, if I remember correctly.  Cracker Barrel.  Still a favorite.

This year for Uncle John's birthday, we got to go to Gatlinburg and meet up with Matt's parents and John.  It worked out great for us because we all got to stay together in a cabin, and it was only 3 hours for us from Hickory.  Another fun fact: Matt and I got engaged in Gatlinburg, because that's where we met 7 years ago this year.  Our cabin was actually just a minute or two from the spot where he asked me to marry him.  Memory lane was so much fun to stroll down.

John boy wanted a kilt for his birthday this year.  We have Scottish heritage- and he's proud.  Check out how proud he is. :-)

Is that a kilt Uncle John??  yes, yes it is. :-)  We love you John boy.  Happy 27th birthday.

James: "are you sure I can't jump in the fountain??"

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