Friday, March 24, 2017

David's 1st Birthday!

I am amazed to say, my Sweet Baby David is 1 year old!!  We still feel so lucky to have him in our family, and he brings us so much joy daily.  He is loved by his brothers, more than he can even take!  He had been truly living into his name, beloved.  He is definitely beloved!

We decided for his party to rent a bounce house for the first time ever!  The older boys really enjoyed it more than David, but he got to get in and crawl around a little.  He wasn't so sure about all the bouncing! haha, we had it delivered early, so he was able to get out there in his PJs the morning of his party for a little time with daddy.

Our little man had a mustache party!  I thought it would be so much fun to have a silly theme, and it was.  We all wore some stick on mustaches, except for those daddy & grandpas who had their own already.  Mimi did a beautiful job on a cake for David, and she even made him a smash cake as well.  I put up a time line of his first year, and I had such fun going through all the pictures I've taken of him.  He is an absolute adorable baby, and I was excited to finish his baby book with the addition of lots of pictures!

Mimi also made some cake pops & mustache cookies!  They turned out so cute.  I made some mustache rice krispies, but then forgot to photograph!  I have enjoyed the process of party planning more as the years go by, but still struggle not to go overboard, or under board.  At the end of the day, we had a lovely time wether or not all the decorations or food was perfect.  And of course, I remember the people I love being with us as we watched our baby stick his face in his cake!

David's mustache outfit with the sweet blue number 1.  He was sporting his mustache pacifier in the picture with grammy!

Mimi's adorable cake pops! And the smash cake she made for David!

This little buddy had a warm up for cake eating as his actual birthday was the day before his party.  This fella wasn't playing around- he just dives right in! haha

Check out David's cakes.  The big top hat is actually another cake!  (I'm serious) I am always amazed at how great Mimi's cakes turn out.  We are so lucky that she loves to make these for our boys!  Thank you Mimi- I hope you know how special these are to us!

Daddy tried to keep the boy's face out of the cake by feeding him with a fork, hah!

Our room full of sweet friends.

One of my favorites, my little man & his daddy.

Thank you for coming Grammy&Papa!!  Thank you for coming Mimi&Grandpa!!  We were so grateful to have you come all the way to be with us.  We are realizing more as the kids grow how far it is, but how much it means to us.  We love you!

David received the traditional Prose gift, his own chair with his name!  All the boys have been given one on their 1st birthday, and they all still use them!  He loved it, can't you tell!? haha!

David also received the traditional Austin gift, his first gun!  Made in the year of his birth & engraved with his name.  Papa&Grammy brought some sweet little gifts for him to open while he waits to use his gift when he's old enough. See sweet Davey in Papa's lap?  All of his brothers received the same, and one day they will be able to thank Papa when they get to use it for the first time!

Thank you Lord for our precious baby boy David.  I struggle to find other words to say how much we love him.  Thank you for putting him in our family.  Give us wisdom to raise him up, and teach us how to be good parents for him.  Thank you for all that he brings into our family.  Thank you for his first birthday, and we pray for many more. Amen.

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