Saturday, March 26, 2016

Welcome David Scott Prose!

Welcome February.  Welcome sweet baby David!!  I had hoped you would be a February baby, so you would 'have your own month' to celebrate.  Its funny now how I really didn't think we'd make it to February.  The morning of February 3rd, I woke up in labor, and we were so excited it was finally time!  The image is my last pregnancy picture: 39 weeks and 6 days!  My longest to carry any baby; so of course my youngest son would give me some extra time.

We headed into the hospital, and we had a wonderful experience.  My nurses and doctor were so kind; no one pushed us to do any interventions.  I labored on my own; I got to walk the halls until I couldn't anymore.  I was able to tap into some 'hypnobirthing' wisdom during my transition, which made it the easiest one for me comparatively.  My water was broken so I could deliver, which was such a gift.  And he was here!  Grammy made it all the way from Atlanta in a terrible storm, and she got to be in the delivery room and hold my hand.  Daddy was able to help deliver, and he did amazing.  The joy on his face is just perfect- Grammy you did a great job on this photograph!!

Welcome David Scott Prose!!  Born at 3:43 pm.  He weighed 8 lbs 11 oz and was 21 inches long.

I got to hold him for the first time.  I love how the way this image is filtered and centered, you cannot tell that my hair is in a totally crazy messy bun and I'm still in a lot of pain.  But I was so happy- he was worth it all.

My sweet babe.  The first picture that I took of him.  My baby love.

These two were there when you were born!!

I am so glad you made it Grammy!  How special it is for me, for David, and for you.  I'm sorry it was a little traumatic, and I suppose I won't ever know what it's like to watch your daughter labor and deliver.  But I'm glad you could, and I love this picture I took of you.  You look so beautiful-  I love you!

We were so thankful for the help from Mimi to watch our big boys while we were at the hospital.  It worked out amazing: Mimi came up on Monday evening & made dinner.  She helped out all day Tuesday so I could rest & go out to lunch with my dear friend Jessica.  And Wednesday he was born! 

Your brothers all had strep throat before you were born David, but thankfully you waited enough time for them to finish their antibiotics.  It would have been so sad for us if they were not able to come up to the hospital to meet you!!  These goofy guys were looking forward to meeting you, and would have been devastated! 

They had to take turns holding you. They love you so much!!  You have the sweetest big brothers.

Me & my four sons.  It's crazy & amazing.  We are so grateful.

After all the excitement calmed down & you and I were solo.  It was the first time I changed diapers in the hospital because your amazing Daddy was helping get your brothers to school.  It isn't as fun to have to go to school when you just had a new baby born in your family, but still important.  James you did so well.

We had two friends from our church come to meet you during this quiet morning, and they prayed for David and read Psalm 27 over him.  Thank you so much Nancy & Eric.  It was so special to talk about what the Lord had done during our pregnancy: how he had a cyst in his brain at our 20 week ultrasound & how it was gone by 28 weeks.  How we had special scans done of his heart & hands & feet & kidneys and they were all found to be perfect.  How I had heart palpitations & had to see a cardiologist.  How I had physical therapy for my hip pain.  How all had become resolved & how all had made us thankful- because none is guarantee but all is grace.  My pregnancy with David was the most difficult emotionally by far, and we are grateful we get to have him in our family.

I was able to share how special David's name is- that he is named for my Uncle David & Matt's Pop Pop's middle name, Scott.  How I learned after we had decided that my Uncle is actually David Scott as well- which only confirmed it for me.  How perfect & fitting & lovely.  A special name as our gift to our sweet baby son.

I was able to capture Dr. McIntyre holding you!  Thank you so much!!  She did an amazing job!

And then all my sweet girlfriends came to meet you!!  They brought flowers and food and cookies, and they all wanted to hold you.  I never would have guessed that I LOVE showing off my brand new baby.  I was so proud, every time, and even though I'm a very private person, I actually really loved having visitors.  My girlfriends are the best.

I couldn't help myself but to snap pictures of you- I had been waiting to see this precious face!!

Grandpa made it up to visit for the afternoon to meet little David.

You just are the most beautiful baby.  I didn't even imagine you'd be so beautiful.

and little.  You were a good size baby, but even still, so small.

You're coming home outfit.  I spent so much time looking for the perfect thing.  I chose Hanna Andersson, and I adored it.  I adore you so much more than the clothes, and funny enough could have put you in anything and loved you in it.  When I was daydreaming of you and laying out these little clothes, I really just was desiring you, dreaming of you & loving you.  Now that you are in my arms, I can't even remember what not knowing you was like.

We were so ready to bring you home.  We had to wait a little longer than we wanted, but it all worked out just fine.  We had a few more quiet hours at the hospital, which was not a bad thing.  When we left for the hospital, it was 80 degrees in February, but when we went home it was 50 degrees!  I will never forget going in the house, and Grammy had your brother in their coats and socks.  She said, Calvin keeps telling me its cold, so I wrapped him in this blanket.  We thought, gosh, it is cold in here, let's check the thermostat.  It was 63 degrees!!  Inside!  haha, when we left for the hospital, we had left the AC turned on and had forgotten to tell her to turn on the heat!  Poor Grammy & boys.  But it was seriously funny because of Grammy, "I never set the temperature based on me".  And I replied, "it's not 'on you' its the actual temperature!" haha!  I love you Grammy.

Welcome home David.  I promise we will do our best to keep the thermostat adjusted appropriately. :-)

Thank you Lord for the gift of our fourth son.  We are so grateful for him.  We love him so much, and and so glad he is in our family.  Please give us wisdom to raise him & help us all to grow & stretch so that we may be all you can make of us.  Make us more like you.  And draw David to yourself Lord, Amen.

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