Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday James!!

Happy 6th Birthday James!!  My goodness, SIX YEARS OLD.  It seems amazing to me that you are six.  I am so pregnant these days and preoccupied with getting everything prepared & ready for your birthday and for the baby, that I haven't stopped really & let myself think about you being 6.  I'm sure it will hit me sometime soon, because 6 is just so big.  You're already up to my sternum & I have to keep buying you new clothes to play catch up with how fast you are growing.  I am so proud of you my big boy- you are such a great helper for me & you are such an awesome big brother.  You have worked so hard in Kindergarten, and you love it now.  It was an absolute joy to watch you play soccer last Spring, to learn to swing with confidence over the summer, to loose your first teeth, and to really learn to play t ball last Fall.  You have changed so much in a year, and it makes me incredibly proud.  You have a mostly even temperament, and you're very positive.  But son when you get riled up, everybody look out!!  haha, you may have gotten that from either daddy or me.  Sorry about that. :-)  I love you dearly, and I hope you had the best birthday yet!

You came home after Christmas break writing your first and last name & I lost my breath for a second.

I thought you may have 'outgrown' the numerical shirts made by mom, but you said you wanted one! I had to oblige.  So this year it was lego storm troopers on the front, and the big number 6 on the back.  You wanted to wear it to school, and we got to sing with candles on your birthday donut at breakfast time.

 Daddy&Me both got to come for your lunch at school, and daddy picked up lunch for us to share.  You wanted to sit outside, even though it was pretty cold, because you said it looked like fun when you saw others sit outside.  We did chicken out & go inside to finish after a few minutes!  You loved this birthday crown, and you even had a friend in your class who shared the same birthday.

We ordered cupcakes with red and blue frosting (haha, yikes!) because you said red and blue were your favorite colors.  Mommy found lego Star Wars cupcake toppers online, and lego brick papers.  I thought your choices turned out really cool.  You were definitely into choosing how to celebrate this year!

One of our gifts to you was the first three Star Wars movies (4-6), because we had heard it was not so bad.  It had been years since we had watched it ourselves!  The boys thought it was an awesome treat, and we did skip just a few scenes in 4, but overall it was good. :-)

James, you were so excited for your party.  You couldn't wait to have your friends come over, and you counted down the days!  Of course, the party was a whirlwind, and you had a blast.  The biggest treat was the cake your Mimi made, amazing!!

The other treat we came up with was to have a 'master builder' class where you got to build a lego Star Wars ship with all your friends!!  We were inspired by the Lego Discovery center we visited over Christmas vacation.  It was a lot of fun, and you even tried to walk all your buddies through it step by step!  It was fun to watch.

 Mimi made some fun lego head cake pops and lego crayons with coloring pages too!

 All your friends!

 James, we are so proud of you!  I hope you had the best birthday.  Love mom&dad

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