Tuesday, December 22, 2015


October.  I meant to write down all our memories, fresh from the living.  But, I will take them refreshed by the images & sweet faces of my boys.  Writing for the 31 Days challenge and working through the Kindergarten adjustment left me without as much energy to work towards our family memories.  Better late than never, always!!

We started off by making a wreath for Hayden's VPK Dolphin class.  We are so thankful for his teachers & little school.  Calvin wanted to take a picture with the finished product!  Happy Fall. :-)

Hayden has become quite the artist, and has begun to make more pictures of our family than I can even count!  For a boy who would not sit down and color, to the boy writing his name & drawing his family, I am amazed!!  He is blosoming into a more confident boy everyday.  I am so excited to watch him grow.

Calvin & Hattie.  He was playing her the drums.  Since our closest neighbors moved just a few extra miles away, we have enjoyed some late afternoon playdates.  So thankful for our sweet friends.

Baby boy Prose #4 is growing more everyday.  We are so thankful for good prenatal care & wisdom for our doctors.  He is precious to us.

Baseball season got under way in October!  It was by far our most fun season yet, and it was due to the amazing coaches who taught our boys to really play this year.  Calvin was a good sport most of the time about not being able to play too, but he's going to be ahead of the curve after watching all these ball games!

I just love these pictures.  We did get Calvin a matching hat. :-)

 Assistant Coach Daddy & his players.

Calvin came to family chapel with me this morning to watch the fun like he did last year.  I love the beauty found in the light & white trim & pews.

My buddy on one of our mornings at home.  Being a shark & playing with easter eggs in a halloween bucket.  Yes, this is childhood!

 James had a 'fun run' at school, and the boys came with me to watch him run.  I had NO IDEA he would be able to run 2 miles!!  Poor guy turned bright red (yes, just like me) and made me worry he would get a migraine (just like daddy), but he was tough.  I gotten toughen up too!

Snow cone treat!!

We re-arranged rooms in preparation for our new addition to the family, and we decided to move all the boys into their own rooms.  It was really a lot of fun moving the furniture around and rearranging.  It all needed to be sorted & re-organized.  I am so happy with how Hayden & Calvin's rooms turned out.  I'm still mulling over how to best arrange James' new space.  But it is nearly finished!

 Calvin in his Big Boy Bed!! A little earlier than his brothers, who were 3 when they moved out of the toddler bed, but this guy was super excited.  I love his little cozy spot!!

He did not want to sleep there that night.  It took him a few days before he was ready to sleep up in the big bed.  Lucky for us we didn't set up both the twin beds that day.  Perfect transition.

 My little sluggers.

Dinner with our buddies!!

 Hayden & his buddy Roo.  Calvin & his Elephante that he wrapped up like a baby.

The note James wrote for daddy to take to work.  Melt my heart.

Daddy treating us all to cheese burgers & milkshakes & dinner out.

The most exciting book fair I've ever seen.  Gotta Love our awesome school!!

At the pitcher's mound, James Prose.  Short stop, Hayden Prose.  Backed up in the outfield by Coach Daddy.

 Daddy carved a pumpkin for the boys, like he does every year.

Our little pants-less Darth Vader, and the real costume for Calvin, Yoda!!

Hayden's field trip to the pumpkin patch!!  So much fun.

James dressed as a scare crow for his kindergarten parade!!  Happy Fall.

Grammy came for Halloween & we went to the crop maze for fun!

We lost our sunlight (thanks daylight savings), but still had a great visit.

 My sweet little Star Wars guys!! + Grammy!

Trick or Treat at our house for some special surprises from mom&dad.  Love the 'Jedi face' on James!!  Happy Halloween!!  Grammy even played some theme music for the boys while they trick or treated to the neighbors, haha!

Thank you Lord for a lovely October.  Thank you for T ball & Halloween costumes & pumpkin patches.  Thank you for visits from Grammy & pumpkin carving.  Thank you for kindergarten & transitions & finding peace.  Thank you for my sweet boys and all that they bring.  I have been given more than I deserve, and I am so grateful.  Amen.

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