Sunday, December 14, 2014

November in Review...

 November!  Wow, life has certainly sped up (as it always does) around the holidays.  This year Thanksgiving was the final Thursday in November, and it seemed like we waited forever to celebrate!  But now, we are half way to Christmas before I've realized that I forgot to wrap up our month.  I always enjoy walking back through these pictures & saving these memories for my yearly blog book print out.  I look forward to printing it every year & reminiscing over all that has been & begun & gone by.  Thank you Lord for all your gifts.

We started out our month by finishing James' 1st T ball season.  He had just a couple more games, then a fundraiser dinner, and finished with a party to celebrate their season.  He still talks about his team, and I think really enjoyed the experience.

Running to home plate with your Daddy has got to be

I received the Chronicles of Narnia as a Christmas gift last year from my parents.  I asked for it so that I can read these stories to my boys, like my mom did for me when I was young.  I haven't read them in years, and let me tell you.  I read the last book in one evening because I just.could.not.stop.  I know the Lord spoke to me through the pages and my heart has a new longing to be 'further up, and further in'.  Oh to long for Aslan to come - what it feels like to long for Jesus to come.  A must read, the whole series.  See what it stirs in you.

 Our Calvin is just the funniest guy, and is getting to surprise me everyday.  His little grin & giggles are just the best.  I couldn't believe when he picked up James' t ball bag and tried to head out the door, "don't mind me, just heading to practice!".  I think this one will come back around when he's playing in high school maybe... ;-)

 My Mom&Dad bought me a new-to-us kitchen table so that we could have enough seats for all of us to sit together!  Calvin was wanting to be up at the table with us, so he's moved out of his high chair into a booster seat.  Our first meal together, table for 5!

The boys insisted that I had to be in the picture too.  So here we all are, including momma, who is loved so much by her boys.  Appearances don't matter so much to them; they just want me.  Such a sweet reminder.

Hayden told his Daddy that I should have an 'Elsa' birthday, so Daddy helped him make that happen.  The boys got such a kick out of my singing card, haha!  I also got to order my first bag from Better Life Bags!  They have the awesome mission of helping women in Detroit learn to sew and make a living making these custom bags.  A beautiful mission of a Christian woman, turned into a business!

Playtime with friends is just full of fun.

 These brothers are playing more&more together these days.  It is really fun to see them enjoy their time together so much!  Daddy said the bamboo poles were a one time deal. haha!

And then there was the morning that Calvin tried to get every.last.drop out of his cereal bow.  and all I could do was take a picture and laugh.

Such beauty surrounds us everyday.

James was 'student of the week' at his preschool, and he was so proud.  He took in his favorite book, about Monster Trucks, and I got to read it to his class.  His brothers were able to come as well, and we all got to have 'special lunch' together.  Needless to say, I really enjoyed that day.

Hayden asked me one day, "mommy, what sounds do the giraffes make?"  So we packed up and went to the zoo to find out.  The boys got to feed the giraffes that day, and my Hayden bounced through the whole park!  He had the best time.  PS.  giraffes make a sound too high a frequency for our ears to hear.  So they do make sounds!

 The boys & their daddy built a fire and we all got to roast marshmallows.  I love doing this with out boys!

and then there was that day that daddy figured out he could put a strap on James' guitar, and our rockstar was born. haha!

We got to go see Hayden for a Thanksgiving lunch at his school with some Thanksgiving songs too!  His favorite was "hello Mr. Turkey, how are you?"  We loved seeing our boy in his element at school; so proud & hands in his pockets!  He said to me, "mommy! get out your phone!"  He makes me laugh everyday.

Calvin moved up to 2t pjs.  and he started napping in his toddler bed after climbing out of his crib one day.  He is dropping his morning nap, and only takes one a couple days a week.  It is amazing to me how big&grown up he seems to me these days.  So many mile stones.

James' final 'at bat' for t ball season.

James also had a Thanksgiving lunch and music presentation for us to come and enjoy.  He decided to be an Indian, 'Chief swimming shark' and he loved his jingly socks.  He created a 'how to cook a turkey book' in which he explained that you get a turkey from Chick Fil A. haha!  Our sweet silly boy; what fun we had together!

And that day that James wanted to ride his bike with Calvin, and then take a picture together.

My 3 boys cheering for Clemson!  gotta find a good seat... ;-)

These two have been asking for sleep overs all the time now.  They love being together, even to a fault.  I hope their bond stays strong for their lifetime.  They are sweet friends as children.

My Mom&Dad were able to come for Thanksgiving Day at our house!  We even captured one family picture, thanks Dad!  We really enjoyed spending the day together and enjoying the food.  The boys were really excited about pie.  It was more anticipation that I was expecting!  They also loved watching the Macy's Day parade with Grammy&Papa.  We were so glad to be together.  Hayden's art work from school asked him several times what he was thankful for.  The answer: his bed. (repeatedly)  I suppose it was a great 3rd birthday gift!! haha.  My favorite thing James made may have been the 'how to cook a turkey' book in which he describes getting a turkey from Chick fil A!! haha!  I laughed & laughed.  My turkeys.

The boys thought it would be so funny to blow out the candles at our dinner.  Even Calvin - he can never be left out.  Whatever the big boys do, he does too!

 My sweet husband helping our littlest with his meal.  I actually sat down, ate, and enjoyed my meal.  It was the nicest gift.  What a great reminder of the blessings in our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Proses,  November 2014!

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