Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy 4 months Hayden

Hayden, you are the cutest little fella.  Happy 4 months.  I can't wait to take you to the doctor tomorrow to see how big you are!!

You officially rolled over from belly to back over your first trip to Grammy & Papa's house- I believe it was Nov. 14th to be exact.

Your second big roll from belly to back happened over our Thanksgiving holiday with the Proses.  And... You have found your toes!!  I am still waiting to catch you on film, but many 'happy baby' poses will come soon!

You are the happiest little fella- when you are well fed and well rested. :-)  You just smile and laugh and coo.  Your little dimples are just the sweetest.  We love you sweet little man.

BUT we still haven't figured out what color hair you'll have... or what color your eyes will be!!  Plenty more to discover about you little boy.


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