Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Haircut!!

My big boy, who sleeps in his 'big boy bed', who wants to help out with all kinds of housework as well as yard work, got his first hair cut today. CRAZY.

You may be thinking, No! Not the little curls!!  But seriously, he looked adorable, but he was starting to have his own hair days that requited a hat. haha- check out this amazing do after his nap today.

Our little buddy went to a kids hair cut place called Snip its - and they were really good.  Honestly, he was really really good.  Sat up in the chair, watched their little sing along video while he got his hair cut.

Had to get it sprayed down with water.

Scissors, check.

Clippers, check.

I've removed the color for the safety of your eyes and mine.  :-)  This store was SERIOUSLY colorful, haha.

Our boy is going to look awesome in all the pictures with his new baby brother Hayden.  We are excited for that day, and our 'big brother' is too!

Proud Daddy.  Proud Mommy.  Such a big boy- can I lament how I can't believe he's growing up so fast.  Can I blame pregnancy hormones??  I feel like he's already starting down that road towards independence.  Hopefully I can keep up!  My sweet little blue eyed, red head.

Thanks Mr. Snip It!! haha

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