Monday, December 13, 2010

11 months old today

The countdown is on.  One month until my little man turns one year old!!  I kind of can't believe it's here already, but at the same time, I think I'm ready to celebrate all that he has accomplished in his first year of life.  My sweet boy.  I love getting him with a little bit of the Christmas tree in the background.  You may think, does he have a cell phone already?? haha, nope.  He stole that one out of my friend Kelly's bag.  You see that look of satisfaction? haha.

This is the face I know and love.

My blog inspiration has been a little low lately, but hey, sometimes you take what you can get. :-)

My friend Kelly and I are planning a birthday party for our little ones together for all our friends.  Get a load of these two.  They have definitely spent their first years together.  I love the hug for his bum.

She's already walking, so she's definitely got one up on James, but he's still got her in height and size.  I kind of love seeing them standing next to each other!  Countdown is on... Happy Birthday is coming up right after their very first Christmas!!  "Can life it get better?? I submit that it cannot..."

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