Monday, June 27, 2011

Early morning walk on the BEACH

We we lucky enough to be able to get away one more time this past weekend and take our boy to the beach.  Matt and I LOVE the beach - but this quick trip was probably my favorite beach time ever because he had so much fun.  Our boy loved it.

He loved it so much and was so excited that he got up just after 6 am on Saturday morning and wanted to get out there.

What is this magical place??

Where did my toes go??

Love taking an early morning beach walk.  In my PJs.  (I thought of you Grady!! haha)

Can life get better?? I submit that it cannot!  But seriously, I love this picture.  It melts my heart to see my sweet boy walking with his Daddy and our little dog.  I love this picture.  I love early morning beach walks.  I'd like more of these please. :-)

Why don't we live here?? haha

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  1. ummm yay beach & thanks for the PJ shout out to grady ;)